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Aeroflow Health Wins Sky High Growth Award

We are thrilled to announce that Aeroflow Health has been honored with the 2024 Sky High Growth Award! This prestigious recognition celebrates our contributions to the Asheville area and acknowledges our business success and growth.

The Sky High Growth Award, presented by the Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce, recognizes companies in the Asheville/Buncombe area that are creating jobs, fostering growth, innovating, and being actively involved in the community. Aeroflow Health’s remarkable achievements in job creation and revenue growth exemplify these criteria. In 2022, Aeroflow welcomed 348 new hires, with nearly half filling newly created positions, and continued this trend in 2023 with 368 new hires, 204 of which were new roles. This growth was driven by our commitment to world-class customer service, innovation in healthcare technology, and a supportive workplace culture.

Our job creation efforts have been diverse, spanning various roles from entry-level positions to specialized roles and leadership positions. This strategic expansion has allowed us to enhance our service offerings and maintain high standards of patient care.

Aeroflow has also demonstrated resilience and innovation, especially over the last two years, by investing in technology and creating a consumer-driven healthcare platform that simplifies the process for patients. Our community involvement through partnerships, financial donations, and volunteer opportunities further highlights our dedication to making a positive impact.

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It would be nice if every company had a team as friendly and wanting to help people as yours!
[Your rep] is the most compassionate person I have ever worked with… I’m so thankful… she’s doing what’s important.
I really appreciate all of your assistance and prompt service. It has really been a pleasure doing business with your company.

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