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Financial Policy

Aeroflow Health is committed to providing medical equipment and supplies covered by your insurance, but it is important to know that you are responsible for payment in accordance with Aeroflow Health’s terms and conditions*. Assignment of benefits to a third-party (filing a claim on your behalf to your health insurance) does not relieve you of financial obligations and responsibility, including but not limited to, all deductibles, co-payments, co-insurance, out-of-pocket requirements, and non-covered services. Additionally, billing a third-party insurance does not guarantee payment and financial responsibility remains with the patient for all services and supplies provided by Aeroflow Health.

*Terms and Conditions are specific to Aeroflow Health Solutions and consent is required prior to receiving services or supplies.

Medicare, Medicaid, Private Insurance & Managed Care

Aeroflow Health participates with Medicare, Medicaid and Private Insurance & Managed Care Organizations. Upon verification of your insurance eligibility, Aeroflow Health will work to obtain prescriptions, medical records and prior authorization for requested services and supplies as applicable. Once we have all pertinent information and you have received your services or supplies, we will submit an insurance claim on your behalf to your primary and secondary insurance on file.

Estimating Costs and Payment

Aeroflow Health attempts to provide the most accurate estimate of charges that you are responsible for and may require a form of payment on file to satisfy any estimated cost share balances prior to providing services or supplies. Please be aware that after insurance processes your claim, the patient cost share balance due to Aeroflow Health may be different from the estimate provided.

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