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Aeroflow Healthcare Reveals Their New Logo

aeroflow healthcare

New year, new you! But what about new Aeroflow? We’re announcing the updating of our corporate brand and identity with the new trademark phrase, “Live Better Today and Tomorrow,” and have refreshed our logo with a sleeker, modern design.

Live Better Today And Tomorrow

The rebranding effort has been a crucial part of continuing to diversify our role in the healthcare industry as we adapt to provide exceptional care and improve the quality of life for a much broader range of patients on a national level.

Since our induction in 2001, as a home oxygen supplier, Aeroflow has grown to provide a large variety of home medical equipment and services from CPAP machines, breast pumps, respiratory supplies, pediatric equipment, and more. And as we look to the future, we don’t see our growth slowing down anytime soon.

As we continue to expand with more healthcare products and services to better assist more patients of all ages, our national footprint will also continue to grow. Which is why refreshing our brand was vital towards becoming more recognizable as a source of extraordinary care.

“Aeroflow’s new brand identity, along with the brand messaging “Live Better Today and Tomorrow” help shape the way Aeroflow is perceived and how their products and services are valued. Our goal was to provide Aeroflow with the tools to strengthen and create enduring relationships with customers well into the future. This new brand execution promises to do just that.,” Chris Enock, Cofounder and Creative Director at Percepted.

Our commitment to the three C’s, customers, coworkers, and community, is also expected to grow with our identity. Refreshing our brand has restrengthened our original goals to provide high-quality care to those in need and to take care of our own.

We love being apart of Asheville and will create more opportunities for residents to work in a motivation environment they’re proud to be a part of. Plus, our growth will allow us to continue as industry leaders by offering top-notch benefits with our “Great Place To Work” Award.

Increasing our national footprint also gives us the ability to contribute even more to our local community with events such as food drives, supporting the Special Olympics, donating to those affected by natural disasters, and much more.

The rebranding effort will take place over time. Our websites and logos will be updated first, then we’ll update our signs, forms, logos, and vehicles. Employees can speak to their team leaders in order to receive a copy of the new official logo.


What To Expect In The Future

As we refresh our brand to better represent the services that we’ve developed as the result of substantial growth across the healthcare industry, we will continue evolving the improve care for patients of all ages facing various health conditions with quality, long-term solutions.

2019 should be another great year for everyone involved with Aeroflow as we seek to assist more people in maintaining their freedom and independence by catering to their individual needs with advanced medical equipment and services.

We will welcome new faces to our teams to help support our growth by providing exceptional customer care and support to match patients will the proper devices and ensure they know how to properly use them.

Live Better Today And Tomorrow serves as much more than a simple slogan, but a beacon of excellence, allowing patients to trust our name in multiple areas of health.

Information provided on the Aeroflow Health blog is not intended as a substitute to medical advice or care. Aeroflow Health recommends consulting a doctor if you are experiencing medical issues or concerns.


It would be nice if every company had a team as friendly and wanting to help people as yours!
[Your rep] is the most compassionate person I have ever worked with… I’m so thankful… she’s doing what’s important.
I really appreciate all of your assistance and prompt service. It has really been a pleasure doing business with your company.

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