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Aeroflow’s Comprehensive Class Offerings for Mom and Baby Support

Written by Kristin Polson, Aeroflow Health

Reviewed for accuracy by Amanda Minimi, Aeroflow Health

In early parenthood, few experiences rival the importance and intimacy of breastfeeding. At Aeroflow, we recognize this journey’s profound impact on both parent and child, so we advocate for including lactation classes as an essential component of comprehensive maternal care. These online classes serve as invaluable resources, equipping new parents with the knowledge, skills, and confidence necessary to navigate the complexities of breastfeeding successfully. From understanding lactation physiology to mastering proper latch techniques, our classes provide a solid foundation upon which parents can build a nurturing bond with their infants. Moreover, by offering guidance on pump selection, postpartum support, and practical caregiving tips, we aim to empower parents to overcome challenges and embrace the joys of breastfeeding with clarity and assurance. With offerings available in both English and Spanish, we strive to ensure accessibility and inclusivity for all, fostering a community where every parent feels supported on their unique breastfeeding journey.

Aeroflow supports lactation classes through its robust network of lactation and doula support providers located in all 50 states via telehealth. Our classes cover a variety of topics which include:


Our comprehensive newborn care class, tailored for breastfeeding families, covers essential techniques such as bathing, diapering, and feeding cues. Our session also includes guidance on umbilical cord care and baby nail trimming. Additionally, discover the benefits of babywearing for breastfeeding success and parent-baby bonding with hands-on demonstrations and safety tips on various carrier types.


Our range of classes supports new parents in their breastfeeding journey, with sessions covering essential newborn care, babywearing techniques, lactation and breastfeeding support. These classes provide practical guidance on pump selection, overcoming breastfeeding obstacles, and fostering a supportive community. Aeroflow’s classes empower parents with the knowledge and skills needed for a successful and fulfilling breastfeeding experience.

Childbirth Prep

Aeroflow’s Childbirth Prep Series offers classes tailored to expectant parents, providing evidence-based information on childbirth and breastfeeding. These classes explore the impact of birth events on breastfeeding and empower parents with the knowledge and skills needed for a successful breastfeeding journey. Additionally, sessions include discussions on preparing for childbirth, including vaginal birth and cesarean section, ensuring parents feel confident and supported throughout their birthing experience.

Infant Feeding & Sleep

Aeroflow’s Infant Feeding classes offer valuable guidance on introducing solid foods to breastfed babies, emphasizing age-appropriate choices and maintaining breastmilk supply. Additionally, our Infant Sleep sessions provide essential information on fostering healthy sleep habits for breastfed babies, including recognizing sleep cues and establishing routines that maximize rest for the entire family.

Maternity Leave

This class provides lactating moms with strategies for navigating their maternity leave successfully, whether working on-site or remotely. The class offers guidance on advocating for lactation needs at work, creating pumping schedules, and developing feeding plans to maintain the breastfeeding relationship between mom and baby.

Aeroflow’s lactation classes, when covered, are offered to patients as part of their Aeroflow Breastpumps experience when shopping for a breast pump. A member completes our Qualify Through Insurance form online, shops for their breast pump and selects classes that are of interest to them. It is that easy! 

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Amanda Minimi serves as the director of Corporate Development at Aeroflow Health. In her role, Amanda oversees business development activities, program development, and payor solutions across all lines of business, including Medicare, Medicaid, and the commercial market. As the Director of Corporate Development, she leads a team of skilled individuals focused on business development, advocacy, and business support.


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