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How To Prevent DME Fraud With A Quality Supplier

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October National Cyber Security Alliance Month (NCSAM) in order to spread online safety awareness. We as a durable medical equipment provider want to help you and your parents stay safe online.

As healthcare evolves to have more of an online presence and you or your parents receive medical equipment such as incontinence supplies, CPAP machines, back braces, and more, it’s important that their information remains safe and secure. It’s crucial to choose a reputable supplier and avoid DME scams to prevent identity theft and fraudulent charges.

Choosing The Right DME

While it’s easy to just search for the equipment you need and pick an item on the list, be sure to research the company first. Refer to the online reviews to see if other customers had a good and honest experience. They will generally note how long it took for them to receive their items and it’s quality. Simply picking the lowest price, even if your medical equipment will be covered through insurance isn’t always the best option. 

quality medical supplier will also have an informative and helpful customer service team. Their goal will never be to sell a product and rush you off the phone. Instead, they will help you find the perfect item to suit your individual needs. They will also help you find properly fitting items and will help with troubleshooting.

A reliable durable medical equipment supplier will also navigate your insurance policy for you. Who has the time to call insurance companies to see if your item will be covered or not? And then on top of that, bill and be reimbursed for that item? A good DME does. Once they receive your information they will contact your doctor and insurance company for you.  

Avoiding DME Scams

Part of internet safety involves protecting your personal information from hackers and scammers. Unfortunately, not all DME providers are legitimate. Some misuse beneficiary information to promote more sells. That’s why we have a few safety tips to prevent you and your elderly parents from being taken advantage of:

  • You will never be billed for medical equipment that your doctor did not prescribe for you. Your own doctor will let you know if you need something. Never use a doctor from the DME’s team, stick with your own. 
  • If you are suddenly billed for an item that never came or an item that you can’t return it’s most likely a scam. Plus, legitimate DME providers will not bill people who have passed away.
  • DME providers also can’t cold call you or knock on your door to solicit sales. They can only contact you after you’ve given them permission to call you, which can be written or provided online. DMEs can also contact you to discuss equipment that has been delivered to you during the past 15 months or for a new item if you’re aware that your doctor is contacting the supplier for you.
  • Never give out your Medicare number for a sales call, pitch, or exchange for money, gifts, and equipment you don’t need.
  • A legitimate supplier will never provide equipment and then bill Medicare for items that are more expensive. They also won’t provide you with used equipment and bill for brand new items.
  • Do not sign a blank form from your healthcare provider or equipment provider.

Report DME Fraud

If you receive an unsolicited knock on the door, phone call, or believe you are facing a DME scam for any other reason speak up. Report DME fraud at or by calling 800-633-4227. You can also report fraud to your state insurance department.

Stay Safe Online

Along with protecting yourself from DME fraud, online safety involves protecting your personal and financial information on the web. Take a moment during NCSAM to learn how to protect yourself, family, and devices.

Stay safe online by protecting yourself and reporting theft, fraud, and cybercrime to create a safer, more trusted internet.

Information provided on the Aeroflow Health blog is not intended as a substitute to medical advice or care. Aeroflow Health recommends consulting a doctor if you are experiencing medical issues or concerns.


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