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Important Biliblanket Dos And Don’ts You Need To Follow

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If your baby is born with jaundice, you will quickly be introduced to the healing power of phototherapy through biliblanket use. Even though it’s incredibly common for babies to be born with jaundice, the experience can be a little nerve-racking for new parents.

However, the use of a biliblanket for jaundice when a newborn infant has elevated bilirubin levels is an easy, at home treatment. You can even hold, feed, and play with your child while using a bilirubin blanket.

Important Biliblanket Dos And Don’ts You Need To Follow


  1. Make sure that the light-source machine is on a flat hard surface such as a table, nightstand, or changing table. The baby’s crib or carpet is probably not a good place.
  2. Try to keep as much as of your baby’s skin exposed to the light pad as possible.
  3. Use a disposable light pad cover.
  4. Turn your biliblanket device off and remove the light pad when bathing your child.
  5. Change the cover if it becomes dirty or soiled by your baby.
  6. Always turn the power knob on to the highest intensity.


  1. Never use the light pad without a cover.
  2. Do not allow your baby to have direct exposure to the light pad.
  3. Do not set anything on top of the lightbox, or on the connecting power chord. This is to ensure proper function.
  4. Never place the pad on your baby’s head. It should only be placed on the back.
  5. Don’t worry about sunlight. Your child doesn’t need to be placed outside.


Biliblankets for High Bilirubin

In all cases, the quick and effective use of a biliblanket can help a baby have a swift recovery. If you’re concerned about jaundice, call the pediatrician immediately. If your baby needs phototherapy, most pediatricians’ offices have biliblankets on consignment. You’ll go home with one so you can start treatment as soon as possible.

Information provided on the Aeroflow Health blog is not intended as a substitute to medical advice or care. Aeroflow Health recommends consulting a doctor if you are experiencing medical issues or concerns.


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