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How To Receive Nebulizer Equipment Through Insurance

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items are covered by insurance, Medicare, and Medicaid. However, your insurance provider will require you to get your equipment through a Durable Medical Equipment (DME) supplier, like Aeroflow Healthcare. Generally, they will provide you with easy instructions to make the process quick and convenient. Then before you know it your nebulizer will arrive at your front door.

Qualify For A Nebulizer Via Insurance

If you or your child needs a nebulizer machine, you shouldn’t have to wait. That’s why we’ve made the process of receiving equipment through insurance incredibly simple all you have to do is:

  1. Fill out our quick qualification form with your contact and insurance information.
  2. We will verify your coverage and determine your options.
  3. Pick the perfect nebulizer and wait by the door for it to arrive!

You don’t have to deal with the hassle of making multiple phones calls with insurance companies, we will handle it all for you so you can get back to what really matters. Spending quality time with your family.

How To Get A Nebulizer Through Medicaid

There are nebulizer Medicaid options available, and we can assist you with the process. First you will need to enroll in Medcaid and your doctor needs to be enrolled as well.

Generally, you will need a signed prescription from your doctor saying that you need a nebulizer to treat a respiratory condition. The nebulizer must be considered reasonable and necessary.

To receive Medicaid reimbursement you will need to get your Nebulizer through a DME, like us. Simply use our quick qualification form to get started and we will handle the rest.

How To Get A Nebulizer Through Medicare

There are also nebulizer Medicare options available. First you must be enrolled in Medicare, which you can do around your 65th birthday. Then you need a prescription from your doctor that says you need a nebulizer for a respiratory condition.

To have Medicare cover your nebulizer machine you will need to get it through a DME, like us. Start with our qualification form and we will handle the rest!

Nebulizer Replacements

We will work with your insurance provider to determine how often you can receive new nebulizer parts in the mail. Nebulizer masks, spacers, tubing, and more need to be replaced on a regular basis because they can break down over time. Plus, harmful pathogens such as mold, viruses, and germs can collect in your nebulizer supplies.

Pediatric Nebulizers

If your child suffers from a respiratory disorder such as chronic bronchitis, asthma, cystic fibrosis they may benefit from using a nebulizer instead of an inhaler. They are often prescribed when children are too little or afraid to use inhalers.

Our pediatric nebulizers have fun and entertaining designs such as dragons, fire trucks, kittens, and more to help your child with their nebulizer treatment. The flashing lights and inactive designs make the nebulizer machines attractive instead of intimidating.

Nebulizers for kids offer a calming way to administer medicine without the use of a loud, frightening machine. All your child will have to do is wear their nebulizer mask and play for 15 to 20 minutes during their regularly scheduled treatments.

How Do Nebulizers Work?

Nebulizers atomize liquid medicine into a gas form that’s easy to inhale. This makes oral medicine easier to take, especially for infants. Plus, nebulizer medicine also dissipates into the lungs and enters the bloodstream faster, to more quickly provide relief.

Basically, the compressor nebulizer system provides compressed air for aerosol therapy. It’s used with a jet (pneumatic) nebulizer the produce aerosols (doctor prescribed medications) for inhalation for patients of all ages. For example, patients with COPD often prefer to use nebulizers to avoid missing their lungs with an inhaler.

Use A Portable Nebulizer Machine

There are a variety of lightweight, portable nebulizers that you can take anywhere. They’re durable and easy to throw in a bag to use on the go. Many options can be battery operated and can be used with an adaptor to be powered in your car.

If you or your child needs to use a nebulizer, that doesn’t mean your lives have to be put on hold. Go ahead and take that vacation, go to the fair, sign up for camp, and more.

Information provided on the Aeroflow Health blog is not intended as a substitute to medical advice or care. Aeroflow Health recommends consulting a doctor if you are experiencing medical issues or concerns.


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